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Neotech composite Co.,Ltd.

Agro Science Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading companies who imports chemical products used in the agricultural field and glass fiber . The main products include methyl bromide 98%, aluminium phosphide. In addition, our company also providindustrieses full services of fumigating agricultural products.

Neotech Composite Co.,Ltd is another company that has been established for composites market who imported glass fiber, polyester resin, vinylester resin, epoxy resin, polyester film, polypropylene honeycomb from Nidaplast?, PVC foam from Diab, Coremat and Soric from Lantor NV, Matline from PGI, tooling resin Norester RM2000/50 from Nord composites and Spray gel coat machine, chopper machine, GRC machine, LRTM machine from NJ Robinson, vacuum materials bagging film, breather, flow media, peel ply, sealant tape, vacuum pump, T connection, vacuum valve, catch pot, leak detector etc, release agent semipermanent, paste wax from Axel pleastic, Silicone membrane for Vacuum Press Infusion by Alan Harper composite and others.

Despite being a relatively new company in the markets, we have built trust with our customers because of our high quality products/service and our sincere policy to every customer. We are planning to expand our business to produce the composite products for tooling mould and LRTM mould, using Norester RM 2000 resin, Nidaplast under cooperation with a local glass fiber company.

Vision And Policy Of Doing Business   

Our company believes in the concept of sincere customer services. Our ultimate goal is to expand our business to serve the demands of our customers, and continue maintaining the level of good quality of products/ services that meet the international standard.

Agro Science Co.,Ltd

139 Soi Phrayasuren 30, Phrayasuren rd.,
Bangchan Klongsamwa Bangkok 10510 Thailand

Neotech Composite Co.,Ltd

139 Soi Phrayasuren 30, Phrayasuren rd.,
Bangchan Klongsamwa Bangkok 10510 Thailand

Both companies use the same telophone and fax number

Tel : 662-5174955-6
Fax : 662-5174957
Mobile 086 3369614, 086 3369615, 086 3746588,

E-mail: nattawut@neo.co.th

Nattawut Chaiyakunapruk BS (agricultural sciences), MS (economics)
Managing Director

Map :

Download Catalog : Products list , Ligth RTM Honeycomb , Tooling resin

Composite Products
Fiber Glass Chopped strand mat, Roving, Woven roving etc
Resin & Gelcoat  Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy resin
Nord Composites  Tooling gelcoat and resin   
Formosa Cabon Fiber Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber 
Lantor NV  Non Woven Polyester Soric Coremat   
Diab Group PVC Foam, PET Foam, Balsa Core 
Nidaplast Plastic PP Honeycomb 
NJ Robinson  Spray resin and gel coat machine    
Axelplastics Stripper Cleaning Sealer and Mold Release agent
Farécla surface finishing compound and protection
Vacuum Bagging Bagging film, Peel ply, sealant tape etc 
Resuable Silicone Membrane totally replace vacuum bag infusion system
Others Materials wax, mono, acetone, MEKP, cobolt etc
Fumigation Products
Fumigation Products 
Fumigation Tools
Fumigation Services
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