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NJ Robinson  Spray resin and gel coat machine
Neotech Composite Co.,Ltd.
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Download company catalog : Products list , Ligth RTM Honeycomb , Tooling resin

We are importer all materials for fiber glass industrial such as resin, gel coat, fiber glass, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, honeycomb, coremat, PVC foam, Balsa wood, tooling resin, tooling gelcoat, spray gel coat machine, vacuum materials.

We have retails and whole sells of our products all in Thailand country.

New External Airmix Spray gel coat

New External Airmix Spray resin with chopper gun system

Movie presentation of GRC (Glass reinforced cement) machine

External spray gel coat and resin with chopper gun system 

External Mix Airless Chopper Gun
Our long experience has enable us to design and manufacture a spray system that features simplicity of design. The highest quality in materials and workmanship ensures reliability with lower maintenance resulting in efficient and cost saving operation.



Low Pollution
Lower airless pressure by Robinson is designed to give lower P.P.M. count for environmental protection.
Engineered for the safest possible operation.
Save on Materials
Controlled airless spray pattern enables accurate deposition of materials resulting in less over-spray and therefore cost savings.
No Flushing
External mix requires no solvent flush.
Catalyst System
Well proven, instantly responsive flow meter or catalyst slave pump system.
Efficient design means low maintenance and long service life. Full service back-up facility to all areas.
One-two-or as many pumps as you need.
This efficient multi pump unit enables resins and gelcoats to be pumped and sprayed without flushing of equipment. A quick release coupling system changes the motor from pump to pump resulting in change over time of one minute or less. It's compact and mobile.

Multi-pump system for chopper gun and gelcoat application.



Pneumatically operated requiring 18 C.F.M.

Resin or Gelcoat System:

Positive displacement double acting pumps. Ratios: L/P16:1 - H.P. .25:1

Catalyst System:

Responsive flow meter or catalyst slave pump system.

Glass Cutter:

Pneumatic with speed and spray width controls.

Unit Weight:

48kg. Complete in packing box air shipping - 73kgs.

Hose Length:

Standard length - 9.metres


"Robo" Internal Mix Chopper Gun
This unit sprays resin and gelcoat and chops gun rovings for the commercial production of fibreglass articles.

The "Robo" Chopper Gun Gelcoater
has been developed in Australia over a 35 year period. Easy to operate and simple to repair, this is Robinson's most popular Chopper Gun, with thousands sold throughout the local region and other parts of the world. With a thorough understanding of what the operator wants, the HVLP (high volume low pressure) concept has been well accepted.
The Robo Internal Mix Chopper Gun meets environmental pollution standards. It can be used equally as well as a Gelcoater.Resin Wet-out or Gelcoat spraying
The "Robo" Internal Mix is available without a chopper. In this form it can be used as a resin wet-out gun or to apply gelcoat.

Multiple Pumps with "Quick Colour Change"
The "Robo" Internal Mix Chopper Gun can be optioned with multiple pumps for quick change from one colour to another. Using the same air motor with quick-change fittings and separate material lines going to the gun, it takes less than a minute to change from one colour the next. Lines don't need to be flushed, resulting in material savings.

Saturator Internal Mix Chopper Gun
The Saturator Unit has been designed for long life low maintenance operation. The unit features a catalyst slave pump coupled to the material pump, which requires virtually no monitoring. The materials are delivered through an internal mix nozzle at very low pressure. The Saturator Unit will create no blow back from the job no matter what material output levels the unit is operating at.Unit Choice
The Saturator is offered in either resin wet out form or combined with a glass roving cutter for the depositor unit.

Low Pollution
We believe that with the use of L.S. E Resins, a very low PPM count of Styrene is achievable and will meet all Governmental standards. Internal Mix Due to the internal mixing of the catalyst and resin, 100% of the catalyst is mixed thoroughly with the resin which means superior quality laminates and no catalyst vapor in the air.

Outputs of 2Kg to 6Kg/min enables operators to achieve top performance on any size article. This Unit can be supplied in high output form to accept 2 or 3 strands of glass.

Savings of Material And Time
Because of the precise flat fan pattern, material losses are reduced to almost zero. Transfer efficiency with the Saturator is vastly improved over all competitors due to the very low velocity of the materials. By spraying large droplets to the job with no air blowing vapor from the resin the Saturator will achieve very high transfer efficiency with very low emissions. Operation Simplicity of design and slave pump catalyst system enables ease of operation and low maintenance. There is no need for highly skilled operators. New pump design gives low and high output performance and quiet operation an acetone flush system is incorporated for easy cleaning of the nozzle.

Internal mix Chip Filled Gelcoater
Robinson have added a new dimension to the finish of kitchens, bathrooms and fibreglass pools with the introduction of the Chip Filled Gelcoater.

A Robinson Chip Filled Gelcoater
can spray chips and flakes up to 3000 microns in diameter in a concentration of up to 40% of gelcoat giving a unique finish. This exciting coating method results in a very attracative finish to rival any other coating available today and is designed as a one coat or multiple coat application.Operation
The Robinson Chip Filled Gelcoater is a low pressure internal mix spray unit using the simplicity of the non-mechanical catalyst flowmeter or if you wish a positive displacement catalyst slave pump option.

Unique Design
A unique straight through system design enables chip, flake or ceramic filled materials to be sprayed with a a size never before achieved.

The purpose designed pump is all hard chromed finish internally and features mechanical, tool steel valving.

Internal Mix
Internal mixing of the gelcoat and catalyst ensures a thorough mix and results in excellent curing and possible savings on catalyst. Finish The soft effect of the low pressure spray gives excellent deposition retention, low profile finish and total lack of lineage marks from spraying.

Electronic Variable Ratio Pour/Spray Equipment

The Robinson Electronic Variable Ratio Epoxy Dispenser unit is an electrically driven twin pump unit of variable ratio and output. This unit has two electronic invertor controlled pumps delivering epoxy in a continuous on demand flow or optional shot sizing to a hand held gun or fixed station output with static mixers.

Epoxy Feed:
The unit can have various sizes of containers, hoppers and drums to feed epoxy of varying viscosities into the pumps.

Robinson's EVR Epoxy units can be used from small epoxy injections for electronics up to high capacity, high viscosity epoxy glues for crusher back plates in mining smelters. Optional roller applicators can be fitted for applying epoxy to floors, composites manufacture and all industrial applications

RTM Lite Dispensing Unit
The Robinson Lite Dispensing Unit is a system designed for low pressure injection moulding. Catalysed resin is injected under very low pressureby a 4:1 ratio resin pump into the closed mould containing a pre-cut fiberglass matrix.
By using very low pressure or vaccuum assistance injection into the mould, air is displaced completely by the resin without the risk of pushing the fibreglass aside.
The resin impregnated fibreglass cures producing an even resin/fibreglass matrix of quality and strength.
Materials are accurately used in the closed mould process when using Robinson's RTM Lite Dispensing Unit. Wastage due to mixing by hand or by spraying is eliminated giving considerable saving.
The simplicity of the Robinson's RTM Lite Dispensing Units enable high quality, match moulded articles every time.
GRFC Cavitation Mixer
The Robinson Cavitation Mixer is used in the mixing of cement for GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement) or GRFC (Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement) spray or other mixing operations that require a shear mixing action.

Variable Speed
This unit is a variable speed shear mixer that is controlled by an electronic invertor requiring a current of 240 volts x 50 cycles or suited to the electrical current of the country of operation.

Pneumatic Hoist
A pneumatic hoist lifts the motor/mixer up and down for drum placement and removal.

The electronic invertor has an easy to read digital read-out for control of the speed of the mixer from initial mix to high speed shear mixing.

Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement Spray Unit:
The Robinson GRC or GRFC spray unit is a pump and spray system for Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement that will spray the cement slurry and chopped glass fibre onto a mould.

A long wearing cavity displacement pump is directly driven by an electric motor controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive. This method enables a small motor through a gearbox to drive the pump with vastly increased torque.

Clean Up
Clean up of the S/S hopper and pump is extremely easy and efficient.

Almost no maintenance is required on the pumping system as there are no wearing seals.

A pneumatic driven glass chopper is attached to the gun and chops and sprays through the centre of the gun.

Cement slurry
Cement slurry is pumped and sprayed through an annular around the chopped glass fibre resulting in a wetted sprayed matrix.

The unit can be mobile with a pantograph boom or fixed station with boom.

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Neotech Composite Co.,Ltd.
139 Soi Phrayasuren 30, Phrayasuren Rd., Bangchan Klongsamwa Bangkok 10510 Thailand
Tel : (662) 5174955-6 Fax : (662) 5174957 Mobile 086 3746588, 086 3152433, 086 3052248
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Download company catalog : Products list , Ligth RTM Honeycomb , Tooling resin

We are importer all materials for fiber glass industrial such as resin, gel coat, fiber glass, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, honeycomb, coremat, PVC foam, Balsa wood, tooling resin, tooling gelcoat, spray gel coat machine, vacuum materials.

We have retails and whole sells of our products all in Thailand country


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