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Nidaplast Plastic PP Honeycomb

For more than 15 years, the nidaplast® HONEYCOMBS range (genuine polypropylene honeycombs) has provided all industries with this high grade technology for their daily applications.
All industries can nowadays use sandwich structures with a nidaplast® core in structural applications.

VDO presentation How to do sandwich of Nidaplast Honeycomb by Hand lay up, spray up, Vacuum Infusion and marble

Nidaplast Honeycomb for wind turbine nacelles

Nidaplast Honeycomb composites Hand lay up

Nidaplast Honeycomb composites spray up

Nidaplast Honeycomb composites Vacuum Infusion

Nidaplast Honeycomb composites Marble

MechanicalThe honeycomb structure combined with polypropylene entail the following advantages :
  • For a same rigidity as single piece products, they are much lighter.
  • As they do not bend under their own weight, they offer a constant rigid aspect.
  • They make excellent shock absorbers.
  • Thanks to their flexibility, they absorb significant distortion without breaking.


นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรัง

แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง แผ่นรังผึ้ง
  • They have excellent characteristics of resistance to water, to corrosion and to asignificant number of chemical products.
  • Their behaviour with respect to hacteria is excellent
 Sound and heat insulation
  • They have excellent sound and damping insulation properties.
  • They are good heat insulators.
All these properties, gathered in one single product, enable
The integration of several functions within one manufacturing
process. The production of nidaplast® sandwich panels can
thus be really competitive.

Working up
All the traditional or innovating working up methods can be used to produce nidaplast® core sandwich panels.

Lamination of therrmoset resins reinforced with fiberglass is directly carried out on the nidaplast core, whether :
  • Hand lay-up
  • By vacuum pressure or under press
  • By low pressure injection
 Gluing of prefabricated skins is carried out in the usual way with most glues (PUR, Epoxy, Vinyl) or through heat sealing films.

Direct heat sealing of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene skins is also possible.


All these advantages favour the use of nidaplast® honeycombs in a wide range of sectors. They are generally used for several properties at the same time.

   • Large roofing areas, technical doors, claddings, suspended platforms, prefabricated elements.

   • Door panels and fittings for trucks, inside elemants for cars, train fittings.

   • Deck fittings, inside fittings, moulds.

   • Industrial equipments, often made of fiberglass reinforced polyester for its flexibility.

nidaplast honeycombs make their worthwhile contribution to quality of life and respect of environment :
   • Heat and sound insulator, offering more comfort to the end-users.
• Polypropylene is recyclable and non polluting.
• No toxic smoke when burning.
• Sandwich panels achieved are light. They hence limit the consumption of power necessary for their production or for their shift once worked up.

   • Genuine honeycombs with hexagonal mesh : nidaplast®, nestaplast®, nidacar® , nidatech®.
• Tubular products : tubuplast®, tubucar®, tubutech®.
Prodcuts are available either as panels or blocks, coated or not their large faces, with a flexible fabric, which is used as a base for lamination or gluing.
  ขนาด (Dimension) ของแผ่นรังผึ้ง
   แผ่นกว้าง x ยาว : 2500 x 1200 มิลลิเมตร
ความหนา 5-10-15-20-23-28-40-50-60-70-80- 90 มิลลิเมตร
ขนาดบรรจุ ความหนา 550 มิลลิเมตร/ชุด
คุณสมบัติทางฟิสิกส์ และทางกายภาพ (Physical and Mechanical Properties)
   ความหนาแน่น (Density) ~ 80 kg/m3
กำลังแรงกดสูงสุด (Compressive strength at break at 20oC (NFT 56101)) Rc ~ 1.3 MPa. Modulus E ~ 15 MPa
กำลังแรงดึงสูงสุด (Ultimate perpendicular tensile strength (NFT 56130)) Rt ~ 0.5 MPa
แรงฉีกขาดที่รับได้(Shear strength (NFT 56118)) Rs ~ 0.5 MPa Modulus G ~ 8 MPa
ฉนวนกันความร้อน (Heat insulation)
   ขนาด 20 มิลลิเมตร R ? 0.3 m2? C/W (soit ? ? 0.067 W/ m2? C )
ขนาด 100 มิลลิเมตร R ? 0.6 m2? C/W (soit ? ? 0.14 W/ m2? C )
หากต้องการฉนวนมากขึ้น สามารถฉีดโฟมเข้าไปในช่องรังผึ้งได้
การทนไฟ (Fire reaction)
การทนต่อสารเคมี (Chemical resistance)
การทนต่อแสงยูวี (U.V. resistance)
   ไม่ดีในแบบมาตรฐาน แต่ทนได้ดีขึ้นหากเป็นชนิดเสริมแรง


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DNV ISO 9001 ver 2000
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