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Over 80 years of experience working for you

Formerly known as JB Martin/Martintek, Texonic has a decades-long experience in creating woven technical fiber products and technologies that deliver efficient, effective solutions.

Working with one of the most experienced weavers in the world brings you:

  • An unrivaled 35 year track record in the R&D and production of woven composites reinforcements and ballistics weaves
  • Purpose-built solutions for uniquely lighter, stronger structures, with better impact behavior and easier processability
  • Undisputed leadership in product performance in vacuum-assisted processes
  • The depth of our client support and technical assistance
  • The confidence in the proven performance of our proprietary weaves and technologies
  • Historical and renewable DNV and Lloyds certification


Composite materials have allowed us to achieve exceptional product performances when compared to traditional materials such as metal, wood, plastic or concrete. 

Texonic’s contribution to the woven composites reinforcements industry can be summed up by it’s 35-plus years of innovation and cost-effectiveness— making it easier for clients to create easily processable, high-performance products.

Unique client-driven solutions is what the Texonic reputation is built on. Our multi-disciplinary team made up of experts in composites, textiles, structures and processing are recognized for their ability to come up with THE right solution— whether it’s adapting a current method, or designing a new one.

Texonic’s partnership with Monterey Textiles and Lincoln Fabrics (also with production in Alabama), brings you the strength of the largest weaver in Canada. This, combined with the responsivenes and the flexibility from being a locally-owned business, means that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Whether standard or specialty, you are assured the highest quality, consistency and efficiencies across the complete spectrum of woven products including:

  • E-glass, carbon, aramid reinforcements and others
  • A unique proprietary line of products offering your best options for vacuum-assisted processes
  • The most innovative offerings for impact and puncture management
  • Optimizes “Smart” hybrids that put the right material at the right place with a true understanding of purpose.
  • “True” 3D weaving technologies
  • Natural fibers such as flax and hemp
  • Commingled fibers such as carbon /thermoplasticPEEK or PEI fibers, glass /polypropylene, carbone /polyamide and others
  • Multi-dimensional weaves for 3-D net-shape preforms
  • Custom architectures developed for specific performance and/or cosmetic requirements
  • Unbalanced reinforcements
  • Custom 7-plus layers and ultra-thick structures (standard up to 150 oz/sq.yd, special up to 1’’ thick)
  • Widths from 2–126 inches, including custom widths for specific needs
  • Propietary weaves such as:
    • Texonic NC-Ply
    • Texonic SmartHybrid
    • Texonic Uniflex
    • Texonic InstaForm
    • Texonic FuzPly™
    • Texonic TuffPly™
    • Texonic MartinFuze™
    • Texonic MartinPact™



Originally known as NCS Martinply, 30 years later  this 3D reinforcement continues to demonstrate the strength of it’s design in composite reinforcements. Recognizing that waviness in fiber alignment results in lower mechanical properties, NC-Ply was originally created with the strictest adherence to fiber alignment. The result of perfectly aligning the fibers is a no-crimp, highly […]

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The ability to optimally managing the requirements of stiffness, stability, mechanical performance, pre-cutting, ease of handling, wetting, and fiber alignment for cosmetics requirements ultiimately determines the ease of manufacturing or the losses incurred in attempting to achieve a high-quality product. By applying proprietary weaving and glueing technologies, Texonic creates unidrectional woven fabrics (UD’s) with maximised […]

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Uniflex™ Instaform™

Uniflex™ is a Texonic proprietary technology designed to maintain the orientation of the fibers within the matrix, optimizing the flexibility/moldability and maximizing the ease of handling of the reinforcements. It is used for: The manufacturing of high-quality unidirectional reinforcements Stabilizing reinforcements Cosmetic parts Manufacturing help Field products Thin ply laminates for ultralight parts   Instaform™ […]

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The exceptional quality found in Texonic specialty woven reinforcements is also available to you in a wide array of standard weaves. Available in the full spectrum of materials and widths: i.e. glass, carbon, aramids, polymers, basalt, and natural fibers. Click here for our standard product list  

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Heavyweight up to 150 oz/yd² / Very wide up to 126”

More and more applications require ultra-thick and/or oversized laminates: Composite molds, mega-yachts, windmill blades, high-pressure liquids conduits, and civil engineering structures, are but a few. Texonic meets the demanding requirements of these applications with a unique product range derived from our proprietary NC-Ply™ technology. This range of infusable products offers: Configurations up to 150 oz/yd² […]

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Smart Hybrids™

Today’s composite materials industry requirements are creating a demand for large-scale, reproducible reinforcements that can provide differing properties within the same structure. Traditionally, a main reinforcing material would provide the principal structural properties, and location-specific layers or directional reinforcements would be added in the zones where additional properties were required. Now, Texonic has the ability […]

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Custom 3D weaving

Texonic is one of the few companies in the world offering true multiaxis/3D weaving with their one-of-a-kind weaving technology. This allows: Ultra-thick reinforcements with multiaxis/3-dimensional fiber orientation throughout Complete control of the fiber alignment to create specified stregth in multiple directions These cutting-edge custom products are setting the stage for futur breakthroughs in woven composite […]

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For over 30 years, Texonic (formerly known as JB Martin) has been at the vanguard in weaving commingled thermoplastic and reinforcing fibers. Once woven, the fabric is suitable for use in various molding processes. It is by heating the material above the melting point of the matrix that the fabric is converted into composites. Thermoplastic […]

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Natural fibers

Flax fibers are increasingly being used in composite structures, and hemp is positioned  to follow. They are caracterized by: A density of 1.4 gr/cm3 A similar specific tensile strength compared to E-Glass A slightly superior specific modulus rating compared to E-Glass Uses more appropriate for monolithic structures versus sandwich structures Dampening properties that make it […]

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