Picture of Bagging film

Bagging film

Picture of Bagging film

Bagging film PO180 : Diatex France 
Packing : width 2400 mm x 100 m

PO180 is an advances nylon copolymer film. PO180 is a multilayer extruded nylon film providing multilayers of safty. PO180 is strong, has a high elongation and is suitable for cure temperatures up to 180 C.

PO 180 The new nylon bagging film Ref. PO180 limits waste. Used for vacuum moulding, 50 micron of PO180 is equivalent to 75 micron traditional film. It is available in lay-flat tubing and sheet.

PO180 is suitable with polyester and epoxy resins, its composition based on polyamide and polypropylene provides good mechanical and chemical properties.

Vacuum system and consumables
Vacuum BaggingVacuum Infusion
NameTemperature resistant (C)Width (m)Length (m) Materials Color OriginDownload
Bagging film BF1201504100Nylon+PP+NylonYellow China
Bagging film PO1802.4100Nylon+PP+Nylon Red France

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