Picture of Balsa


Picture of Balsa

    Balsa is a naturally recurring Ecuadorian resource. The balsa plant grows from a seedling to a mature tree in 4-6 years reaching heights of up to 28 meters (90 ft) before coming to the end of its natural life. ProBalsa is high quality coring material made from end-grain balsa wood. Its end-grain, micro-honeycomb structure offers exceptional strength and stiffness. ProBalsa core can be supplied in flat sheets, in grid-scored form and as kits. To access the ProBalsa brochure (292k Acrobat pdf file), please click on the title above. For technical data, please click here (60k Acrobat pdf file).
PB Lightweight
A low density balsa core (90 kg/cu.m. average) for weight critical applications.

PB Standard
With an average density of 155 kg/cu.m., ProBalsa standard provides and excellent combination of high strength and low weight.
PB Heavyweight
A high density, high strength version of ProBalsa Standard (220 kg/cu.m. average density) for highly loaded applications.

PB Plus
A version of ProBalsa that is micro-sanded and coated to reduce resin absorption during lamination.

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