Picture of Cobalt


Picture of Cobalt

Cobalt Accelerators

Cobalt Naphtenate, Cobolt Octoate dissolved in hydrocarbon solvent. It is violet colored volatile liquid. It is activated with Hardener also called MEKP catalyst.
Application Cobalt Octoate with 6% Cobalt content is an effective accelerator for polyester. It affects curing or polymerization of Unsaturated Polyester Resins in combination with catalyst likes MEKP

Packing : 1 kg/bottle, 5 kg/bottle

Description The accelerators, or promoters, are almost always a form of cobalt metal salt (cobalt naphthenate, cobalt octoate, or cobalt neodecanoate). Usually the cobalt accelerator is added at about 0.01 phr (parts per hundred resin), although the amount varies depending on the finished product. But small amounts of cobalt can make the difference between a strong, usable finished product and one that is cracked or flawed.

Safety Handling : Take care not to induce any sparks and keep away from sources of heat. Do not add it directly to peroxides.

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Cobalt1 kg./bottle, 5 kg./bottle

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