Picture of Core Materials

Core Materials

Picture of Core Materials

Coremat Xi is the world standard for bulk mats. The Coremat resin consumption is about 600 grams per mm thickness. It contains a resin indicator which changes colour to show that resin has been applied to the Coremat. Coremat Xi is very soft and pliable when it is wet and therefore very suitable for complex shapes.

Coremat XM has a low resin take up: 500 gram of reain per mm thicknerss. It is therefore suitable for weight critical application . The hexagonal cell pattern resuls in a very consistent thickness in the product. Coremat XM has very good wet tensile strength properties; it is therefor often used in application where mats are pre-wetted outside the mould. Generally customers choose XM, because of its smoothness. ease of working, and resin savings. Key properties XM:

Lantor Coremat
NameThickness Roll WidthRoll LengthResin UptakeDry weightDensity impregnatedDownload
Coremat Xi11.4 mm1 m130 m0.8 kg/m245 g/m2630 kg/m2
Coremat Xi22 mm1 m80 m1.2 kg/m255 g/m2630 kg/m2
Coremat Xi33 mm1 m50 m1.8 kg/m280 g/m2630 kg/m2
Coremat Xi44 mm1 m40 m2.4 kg/m2105 g/m2630 kg/m2
Coremat Xi55 mm1 m30 m3.0 kg/m2125 g/m2630 kg/m2
Coremat XM22 mm1 m80 m1.0 kg/m280 g/m2540 kg/m2
Coremat XM33 mm1 m50 m1.5 kg/m2110 g/m2540 kg/m2
Coremat XM44 mm1 m40 m2.0 kg/m2140 g/m2540 kg/m2
Coremat XM1010 mm1 m15 m6.5 kg/m2250 g/m2680 kg/m2
แผ่นเสริมแรง แมทไลน์
NameThicknessRoll WidthRoll LengthResin UptakeDry weightDownload
101N1.4 mm 1 m100 m0.77 kg/m255 g/m2
201N2 mm 1 m80 m1.1 kg/m270 g/m2
301N3 mm 1 m50 m1.65 kg/m2110 g/m2
401N4 mm 1 m40 m2 kg/m2140 g/m2
501N5 mm 1 m30 m2.5 kg/m2185 g/m2

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