Picture of Filler - Microballoon

Filler - Microballoon

Picture of Filler - Microballoon

Microballon Q Cel

Packing 27.5 kg/box

Basically, microballoons are tiny hollow spheres made of glass or phenolic resin that are so small they appear to be a fine powder. Those that I've used are sold by hobby shops (often in the RC-aircraft department) in a cylindrical polyethylene bottle with a screw-on pointed dispenser top, essentially like the ketchup or mustard dispensers one finds (at least in the US) in diners or neighborhood restaurants. I have heard that microballoons were first used with superglue (or 5-minute epoxy) as gap filler by RC airplane modelers, because the fact that they are hollow makes the resulting filler light in weight.

Description Microbllon extender makes epoxy or polyester resins lighter and more sandable. Great for joints and fillets, or surfacing over imperfections in wood grain or in fiberglass cloth. Convenient spout offers easy, no-waste pouring for clean,no mess use. Compatible with aliphatic resins and acetone based glues.

Safety and handle This material is very lightweight and very easily suspended in the air. Care must be taken when working with microballoons not to inhale the glass particles. You should always wear a particle mask when working with microballoons. Safety glasses are also recommended.

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Microballoon 27.5 kg./box

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