Picture of Resin Light RTM

Resin Light RTM

Picture of Resin Light RTM

เครื่องฉีดเรซิ่น อาร์ ที เอ็ม

RTM Lite Dispensing Unit
The Robinson Lite Dispensing Unit is a system designed for low pressure injection moulding. Catalysed resin is injected under very low pressureby a 4:1 ratio resin pump into the closed mould containing a pre-cut fiberglass matrix.
By using very low pressure or vaccuum assistance injection into the mould, air is displaced completely by the resin without the risk of pushing the fibreglass aside.
The resin impregnated fibreglass cures producing an even resin/fibreglass matrix of quality and strength.
Materials are accurately used in the closed mould process when using Robinson's RTM Lite Dispensing Unit. Wastage due to mixing by hand or by spraying is eliminated giving considerable saving.
The simplicity of the Robinson's RTM Lite Dispensing Units enable high quality, match moulded articles every time.

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