Picture of Farécla Profile: UV Wax Liquid Compound

Farécla Profile: UV Wax Liquid Compound

Picture of Farécla Profile: UV Wax Liquid Compound

Profile UV Wax Liquid Protection
Profile UV Wax is a high performance, Carnauba-based wax incorporating special UV absorbers to give added protection to gelcoats and paints exposed to external weathering. The high Carnauba content ensures long lasting protection against rain and salt water whilst the UV absorbers protect against exposure to sunlight. Profile UV Wax will give a high gloss, long lasting finish on most surfaces and is particularly suitable for use on boats, caravans, trains and planes.

- Effective Results - Gives an excellent high gloss finishes to surfaces
- Lasting Protection - Highly durable UV Wax provides a strong barrier against water and UV degradation
- Tested Reliability - Laboratory tested according to BS EN ISO 4892, ASTM D5894 for extended weathering performance
- Simple to Use - Thick creamy liquid formula is easy to apply either by hand or by machine. It can also be used in damp weather and is resistant to drying out, even in sunny conditions.

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