Picture of PVA


Picture of PVA

PVA release agent

Packing 5 kg/gallon

Description PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol resin in a water and alcohol solvent system. PVA Provides positive release with excellent part finish for resins, and in particular inreinforeced fiberglas production and FRP.

Application PVA can be either brushed or sprayed, For complete mold coverage and uniform thickness, spray is recommended. The proper spray technique is to first deposit a very fine "fog" or tack coat. Allow that to dry. Then apply a heavier fill coat. Allow this to dry completely. This coating can be used as sole release agent or superimposed over a previously waxed mould for greater release assurance. It is important to "fog" apply the first coat over wax in order to minimize the tendency of the ZPVA to bead up.

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PVA5 kg. / gallon

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