Picture of Wax


Picture of Wax

Mould release paste wax

Wax Mirror Glaze #8 Packing 11 ounce/can
Wax TR 104 Packing 14 ounce/can
Wax 1000P Packing 14.5 ounce/can

Description Mould release wax provides the maximun number of release per application. Good for use on tooling and new moulds. One coat on cured mould offers 5-10 releases. New mould requie 3 coates.

Features : Industries first and most widely used mold release wax. Withstands exothermic temperatures up to 250 F (121 C)

Application Apply by hand five (5) to eight (8) coats of moulf release paste wax.
- Apply a thin coat of wax, wait for approximately 5 to 10 minites for thewax to haze up.
- Wipe off the haze using a 100% cotton terry colth towel.
- Wait for an additional 20 to 30 minites for the wax fully cure then apply next coat. Oance all 5 to 8 coats have been applied, the mould is ready for production.

- For the first five (5) pulls add one (1) additional coat between each pull.
- After the fifth pull, run mould until release becomes slight snug then apply one(1) additional coat of wax.
- Once there is enough build up of styrene and the mould requires and re-application of mould release wax.

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Wax TR104
Wax 1000P
Wax #8

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