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process: Reusable Silicone Membrane

Using a silicone bag is similar to doing vacuum infusion but does not require as much equipment and knowledge and not as complicated. It can be easier to do without experience. Just place one piece of silicone in, suck the air out, and easily peel it off. Because the silicone bag will not stick to any workpiece. And the silicone bag will have all the vacuum infusion parts embedded. Silicone membrane can be reused up to 1,200 times, making it ideal to replace vaccum in the production of 30 times or more.

The fiRST silicone vacuum system (Fibre Infusion Reusable Silicone Technology) is a silicone replacement for vacuum bags that can be reused. There are complete vacuum equipment embedded. 

Why? You should use a fiRST silicone vacuum.
1. Can be reused up to 1200 times without maintenance. This makes it possible to reduce costs significantly.
2. Clean, easy to work, faster, no waste, required only 2 people with no experience
3. No consumables are required like general vacuum systems such as bagging film, sealant tape.
4. Don't worry about leaking. like a general vacuum bagging system, made the resin has almost no chance of leaking.
5. Does not require as much skill/experience as hand lay-up or conventional vacuum systems.
6. Easy to control workpiece standard
7. Able to enter the corners that conventional vacuum systems cannot.
8. Heat resistant up to 240°c, so you can put it in the oven/auto clave or embed the heater in it.
9. No need to use release film
10. Compatible with both pre-preg and liquid vacuum
11. Use less amount of resin
12. No resin injection machine required.
13. The production cycle is faster than LRTM.
14. Proven for aerospace production
15. There are built-in intensifiers to increase the vacuum force in the corners.

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