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Inhibitors are used to lengthen the gel time of vinyl ester and polyester resins to give a controllable cure.

Description The most widely available is a 10% solution of tertiary butyl catechol (TBC). Inhibitors should be used with care as additions above 0,25% can lead to undercure, low Barcol, or reduced corrosion resistance. Recommended inhibitor levels vary from type to type and from resin to resin. A general guide for addition levels is up to 0.30% of a 10% solution. Some common inhibitors include tertiary butyl catechol (TBC), hydroquinone (HQ), and toluhydroquinone (THQ). Tert-butyl catechol is not effective with cumene hydroperoxyde systems.

Packing : 1 kg/bottle, 20 kg/drum


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