Reusable Silicone Vacuum System

May 25 2022 at 07:14am

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Reusable Silicone Vacuum System


The fiRST silicone vacuum system (fiRST = Fiber Infusion Reusable Silicone Technology) is a silicone replacement for vacuum bags that can be reused. There are complete vacuum equipment embedded and can be use with the original mold*

*Need to expand the mold wings to a width of 10 cm.


ทำไมคุณจึงควรใช้first  silicone vacuum technology

  1. Can be reused up to 1200 times without maintenance. Significantly reduce costs. Tough, durable, never breaks if not cut by sharp knife.
  2. Clean, easy to work, faster, no waste, only 2 people with no experience.
  3. No consumables are required like conventional vacuum systems such as bagging film, sealant tape.
  4. No need to worry about leaks. Silicone seal is tighter done by itself. Resin almost has no chance of leaking.
  5. It doesn't require as much skill/experience as hand lay-up or conventional vacuum systems.
  6. Easy to control workpiece standards.
  7. Able to work with more complicate shapes that conventional vacuum systems cannot.
  8. Temperature resistant of 240°c, so you can put it in the oven/auto clave or embed the heater in it for OOA.
  9. No peel ply is required.
  10. Can be used with both pre-preg and liquid vacuum
  11. Use less resin
  12. No resin injector is required.
  13. The production cycle is faster than LRTM.
  14. Proven safe for aerospace production
  15. There are built-in intensifiers to increase the force in complicate shapes.



   Morph Runner™ can be morphed into resin channel when feeding or flatten when finish injecting.
ReFlow™ is a mini flow channel imprinted into the membrane for faster flow.
Funnel can be used to feed resin in. Made it easier to control the amont. Plus the tranparency of the silicone allows us to see where the resin goes.

Or if the funnel is not fast enough, you can pour the resin directly into the mold

No need to worry about leaks. Silicone seal is tighter done by itself. Resin almost has no chance of leaking.

Stretchy heater cloth could be insert into silicone/mould
Stretchy test. Both silicone and the heater are stretchy enough to insert a panel with some thickness into a flat silicone.
Autoclave package: spring, alloy valve

Can be used with OOA (Out of autoclave prepreg) easily.



Seven (7) moulding cycles

Seven cycles is the break even point in cost between using traditional consumable vacuum bags and the alternative using a reusable vacuum bag whilst improving production speed!

Cleaner Easier

Say goodbye to the old messy normal vacuum bagging system

Faster New technology

With VPI technology makes the resin injection become easy task. Saving both costs and labors.


Previous works


RS Sailing model 2000

Only 1 person could drop the membrane and vac within 4 minutes


ICE (InterCity Express) high-speed train in German

Won the JEC Asia and AVK Composite Europe Innovation awards 2018

Fire retardant new flooring 600 carriages all under reusable membranes


Jet ski

Producing a jet ski in one go is not an easy task because its complicated shapes. But using silicone molds makes production very easy and fast.


Truck canopy

Making of truck canopy with 7-part split mould by silicone infusion with undercut in one time.


Making a bus

  • Front + rare panel
  • Front + rare bumper
  • Front grill

35 sets per day


Volvo truck head in Australia




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