Formular for calculating fiberglass products

May 30 2022 at 08:05am

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Formular for calculating fiberglass products

The method is exactly the same as making a fiberglass template from a prototype. as the following details


1) Calculation of gel coat weight

weight of the gel coat to be applied to the surface = area of ​​the template surface ( square meter )  x density x thickness of the gel coat layer (milimeter).



2) Calculation of the weight of the primary colors mixed in the gel coat.

​Usually, primary colors are applied in a ratio of 10 - 15 % of the gel coat weight.

weight of primary color mixed in gel coat = weight of gel coat x (10 to 15) / 100



3) Calculation of the weight of glass fiber

the weight of glass fiber = area (sq.m.) x weight of glass-fiber (g./sqm.) x number of layers of glass-fiber.

( The meaning of glass fiber: No. 300 is glass fiber that weighs 300 grams per one square meter.)


4) Calculation of weight of polyester resin

Typically, the amount of polyester resins used in manual manufacturing methods is approximately 2.5 times the weight of glass fiber.

resin weight = weight of glass fiber x 2.5 times


5) Calculation of the weight of the catalyst (cobalt)

catalyst weight = resin weight x 0.5 / 100 (0.5 % of the resin weight )


6) MEKP M60 hardener weight calculation

hardener weight = weight of resin used x (1 to 2) / 100 ( 1-2 % of resin weight )


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