Silicone membranes advantages over hand lay-up

August 04 2022 at 09:52am

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A lot of people have been asking "why should I switch to silicone membrane?" What are the benefits of using silicone over hand lay-up method?

1/ Higher glass ratio to resin. For example, if you laid up hand lay behind the gel coat with two layers of 450 G/M2 glass you'll normally achieve 30 % bw glass loading if well rolled out and consolidated. The thickness would be an average of 3 mm

If the same loading of combination mat under a reusable vacuum membrane is used with full vacuum then the moulder would achieve a higher glass ratio of approximately 38% bw. a much stronger laminate but also this would reduce the resin consumption by 20 % and with other wastage reductions must clients relize a total resin saving of 25 %

2/ The laminating skills needed with silicone infusion are far less to produce top-quality laminates with no air and very little edge run. on and thus savings on resin consumption and waste removal

3/ The speed at which a laminate can be achieved is normally in. the order of half if not in many cases 70 % faster

4/ The worker exposure to harmful VOC's is reduced to almost zero

5/there is no need to use solvents to clean hand lay equipment as non are used

6/ Much easier to find unskilled workers to produce high-quality grp mouldings

7/ with correct fibre loading post trimming the part is dramatically reduced as almost net shape parts can be produced.

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