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Mould release

Mould release paste wax

Wax Mirror Glaze #8 Packing 11 ounce/can Down load technical data
Wax TR 104 Packing 14 ounce/can
Wax 1000P Packing 14.5 ounce/can

Description Mould release wax provides the maximun number of release per application. Good for use on tooling and new moulds. One coat on cured mould offers 5-10 releases. New mould requie 3 coates.

Features : Industries first and most widely used mold release wax. Withstands exothermic temperatures up to 250 F (121 C)

Application Apply by hand five (5) to eight (8) coats of moulf release paste wax.
- Apply a thin coat of wax, wait for approximately 5 to 10 minites for thewax to haze up.
- Wipe off the haze using a 100% cotton terry colth towel.
- Wait for an additional 20 to 30 minites for the wax fully cure then apply next coat. Oance all 5 to 8 coats have been applied, the mould is ready for production.

- For the first five (5) pulls add one (1) additional coat between each pull.
- After the fifth pull, run mould until release becomes slight snug then apply one(1) additional coat of wax.
- Once there is enough build up of styrene and the mould requires and re-application of mould release wax.


PVA release agent

Packing 5 kg/gallon

Description PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol resin in a water and alcohol solvent system. PVA Provides positive release with excellent part finish for resins, and in particular inreinforeced fiberglas production and FRP.

Application PVA can be either brushed or sprayed, For complete mold coverage and uniform thickness, spray is recommended. The proper spray technique is to first deposit a very fine "fog" or tack coat. Allow that to dry. Then apply a heavier fill coat. Allow this to dry completely. This coating can be used as sole release agent or superimposed over a previously waxed mould for greater release assurance. It is important to "fog" apply the first coat over wax in order to minimize the tendency of the ZPVA to bead up.

Polyester film Lumirror A 60, T 60

Packing 100-250 kg/roll width 75-150 cm

Thickness 20, 50,75,100,125,188 micron

Description A multifunction film with excellent characteristics, includling strength, electrical properties, and chemical resistance. Widely used in various general industrial application. thickness? 20,50,100,125,188,250 micron

Application For release composites part in flat sheet such as resin coating on picture, fiberglass roof, big pipe, chemical tank etc.



Packing Steel drum 200 liter weight 180 kg/drum, gallon 16 kg/gallon

Application Use to dilute unsatturated polyester resin and gel coat for easy to laminate and spray on fiber glass production process.

Precaution Keep locked up Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition.Ground all equipment containing material. Do not ingest. Do not breathe gas/fumes/vapour/spray. In case if insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiraory equipment. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Shold be use in 1 month after open.


Packing steel drum 200 liter weight 160 kg./drum, gallon 14 kg/gallon

Application Acetone is avolatile organic solvent with formula CH3COCH3. It is frequently used in nail polish removers and clean equipment and hand in FRP process, dries very quickly.

Precaution Keep locked up Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition.Ground all equipment containing material. Do not ingest. Do not breathe gas/fumes/vapour/spray. In case if insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiraory equipment. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Hardener/ MEKPO

MEKPO Butanox M-60 Download Technical Data Sheet

Packing 5 kg/gallon, 4 gallon/box

is an organic peroxide, a high explosive similar to acetone peroxide. MEKP is a colorless, oily liquid whereas acetone peroxide is a white powder at STP; MEKP is slightly less sensitive to shock and temperature

Application MEKP are used in industry and by hobbyists as the catalyst which initiates the polymerization of poly ester resins used in glass-reinforced plastic, and casting

Designed to be used with Polyester resins and gelcoats to harden the product. As a medium activity hardener this is our most popular catalyst for GRP and can be added at 1-2% by weight

Precaution MEKP is a severe skin irritant and can cause progressive corrosive damage or blindness

MEKP should never be added to hot solvents or monomers as a violent decomposition and/or reaction may result. When using spray equipment, never spray raw MEKP onto curing or into raw resin or flues. Keep MEKP in its original container

Keep containers closed to prevent contamination. Rotate stock using the oldest material first. The activity and stability of MEKP is directly related to the shipping and storage temperature history. Cool storage at 80?F or below is recommended for longer shelf life and stability. Prolonged storage at elevated temperatures of 100?F and higher will cause product degradation, gassing and potential container rupture which can result in a fire and/or explosion.

Catalyst dispensers bottle

Catalyst dispenseres bottle

Packing contain 250 CC can be measure 5-50 cc

Description These unique bottles are made to accurately dispense MEKP. The 250 cc bottle is graduated to measure up to 5-50 cc's at a time. Simply squeeze the bottle until the upper vial is full, then release pressure on the bottle, leaving a precisely measured amount of catalyst in the vial. The MEKP can then be poured out with no dripping.

Cobalt Accelerators

Cobalt Naphtenate, Cobolt Octoate dissolved in hydrocarbon solvent. It is violet colored volatile liquid. It is activated with Hardener also called MEKP catalyst.
Application Cobalt Octoate with 6% Cobalt content is an effective accelerator for polyester. It affects curing or polymerization of Unsaturated Polyester Resins in combination with catalyst likes MEKP

Packing : 1 kg/bottle, 5 kg/bottle

Description The accelerators, or promoters, are almost always a form of cobalt metal salt (cobalt naphthenate, cobalt octoate, or cobalt neodecanoate). Usually the cobalt accelerator is added at about 0.01 phr (parts per hundred resin), although the amount varies depending on the finished product. But small amounts of cobalt can make the difference between a strong, usable finished product and one that is cracked or flawed.

Safety Handling : Take care not to induce any sparks and keep away from sources of heat. Do not add it directly to peroxides.

(Inhibitor) MH-S210


Inhibitors are used to lengthen the gel time of vinyl ester and polyester resins to give a controllable cure.

Description The most widely available is a 10% solution of tertiary butyl catechol (TBC). Inhibitors should be used with care as additions above 0,25% can lead to undercure, low Barcol, or reduced corrosion resistance. Recommended inhibitor levels vary from type to type and from resin to resin. A general guide for addition levels is up to 0.30% of a 10% solution. Some common inhibitors include tertiary butyl catechol (TBC), hydroquinone (HQ), and toluhydroquinone (THQ). Tert-butyl catechol is not effective with cumene hydroperoxyde systems.

Packing : 1 kg/bottle, 20 kg/drum


Talcum Powder

Packing 25 kg/bag

Talcum for plastic filling and reinforcement has grown rapidly in the past decade. When used in plastics, the plates of talc make the resin more rigid and stronger.

Application use talcum powder mix in resin and solfly mix until look same uniten the viscosity will increase after mix but if you mix too mich resin will be reduced physical strength

Thixotropic Powder: Fume silica

XYSIL200 Download technical data sheet

Packing 10 kg/bag

Description Fumed silica, also known as pyrogenic silica because it is produced in a flame, consists of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica fused into branched, chainlike, three-dimensional secondary particles which then agglomerate into tertiary particles. The resulting powder has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. Its three-dimensional structure results in viscosity-increasing, thixotropic behavior when used as a thickener or reinforcing filler.

Applications Fumed silica serves as a universal thickening agent, in milkshakes for example, and a anticaking agent (free-flow agent) in powders. Like silica gel, it serves as a desiccant. It is used in cosmetics for its light-diffusing properties. It is used as a light abrasive, in products like toothpaste. Other uses include filler in silicone elastomer and viscosity adjustment in paints, coatings, printing inks, adhesives and unsaturated polyester resins.

Microballon Q Cel

Packing 27.5 kg/box

Basically, microballoons are tiny hollow spheres made of glass or phenolic resin that are so small they appear to be a fine powder. Those that I've used are sold by hobby shops (often in the RC-aircraft department) in a cylindrical polyethylene bottle with a screw-on pointed dispenser top, essentially like the ketchup or mustard dispensers one finds (at least in the US) in diners or neighborhood restaurants. I have heard that microballoons were first used with superglue (or 5-minute epoxy) as gap filler by RC airplane modelers, because the fact that they are hollow makes the resulting filler light in weight.

Description Microbllon extender makes epoxy or polyester resins lighter and more sandable. Great for joints and fillets, or surfacing over imperfections in wood grain or in fiberglass cloth. Convenient spout offers easy, no-waste pouring for clean,no mess use. Compatible with aliphatic resins and acetone based glues.

Safety and handle This material is very lightweight and very easily suspended in the air. Care must be taken when working with microballoons not to inhale the glass particles. You should always wear a particle mask when working with microballoons. Safety glasses are also recommended.

Polyurethane Foam(PU Foam)

Polyurethane polymers are formed by combining two bi- or higher functional monomers. One contains two or more isocyanate functional groups and the other contains two or more hydroxyl groups This two-part liquid, expanding rigid urethane foam is a closed cell, pourable foam, which will resist the absorption of water.

Packing Part A and Part B 20 kg/drum


-The densities shown refer to the weight per cubic foot of expanded foam (12" x 12" x 12").
-Once fully cured this foam can be laminated over with any type of polyester, epoxy or vinyl ester resin without melting.
-This product can be poured in multiple layers with excellent bonding between layers.
-All expansion rates and times given are temperature critical. Temperatures below 75 degrees F will lower the expansion rate therefore requiring more foam. Ideal working temperature is 75 to 80 degrees F or above.

Pigment Paste/ Color Paste

Pigment Paste/Color Paste

White Black Bule Yellow Red others
Packing 1, 3 , 5 kg/pail

Pigment paste is high viscosity liquid pigment likes gule, have many colours sush as white black, can made in many colour as requested

Application mix with gel coat in ratio 100 gel caot with 10-15 pigment paste or mix in resin note: pigment paste have effect in curing time of resin

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Lambwool roller refills

Diameter 24 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)

Diameter 24 mm x Length 150 mm ( 5 inch)

Discription made of real lamb wool, good absorb resin and strong bonding on core by special gule so lambwool roller will be long life in work

Application dip into resin then laminate on fiber glass for working by wet lay up

Maintenance after used dip in acetone or thinner before resin be cured squeeze many times for reduce resin in roller. Should not dip in actone too long. After good cleaning resin from rolle then flick many times and hang on until dry for next work


 Mohair roller, Green roller

Diameter 4 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)

Discription made of mohair fabric and gule by special gule on core

Application dip in resin for habd lay up lamination on fiber glass, good aborb excess resin from lamination, can release air while laminate then will safe time of working but only not thick lamination

Maintenance take care as lamb wool roller


Spiral Bristle roller refills

Diameter 30 mm x Length 150 mm ( 5 inch)
Diameter 30 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)
Diameter 22 mm x Length 150 mm ( 5 inch)
Diameter 22 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)

Discription made of hard black brush with strand up right around core, resistance in chemical the long life for working

Application use release air in resin of lamination fiber glass then laminate resin until smooth surface

Maintenance take care as lamb wool roller


Aluminium round roller with handle

Diameter 6 mm x Length 25 mm ( 1 inch)
Diameter 10 mm x Length 50 mm ( 2 inch)
Diameter 12 mm x Length 75 mm ( 3 inch)
Diameter 12.7 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)

Discription made of aluminium or steel with channel stand up right on core like twist line, can clean it if resin stick to roller until hard by melt it by heat or fire then can reuse again

Application use round roller after laminate resin on fiber glass by lamb wool roller, this kind of roller can release air inside resin and reude excess of resin in the same time

Maintenance after use clean by acetone or thinner


Barrel roller with handle

Diameter in middle 25 mm and 12 mm at rim x Length 75 mm

Descirption made of aluminium with channel stand up right around core same round roller but it has a cruve in middle or roll like rugby ball or oak barrel

Application use in cruve surface and sphere surface, can release sir inside resin and make complete lamination

Maintenance After use clean by acetone or thinner

Bubble roller with handle


Description made of aluminium with spine around roll

Application use release air as spiral bristle but can fire or heat if resin stick on roller

Maintenance after use clean by acetone or thinner

Paddle roller with handle

Diameter 19 mm x Length 150 mm (6 inch)
Diameter 25 mm x Length 200 mm (8 inch)

Descirption made of aluminium with channel in horizontal line as gear wheel or star fruit

Application use push and press resin around work place sutable for thic or wide work place

Maintenance after use clean by acetone or thinner


Angle roller with handle

Diameter 50 mm x thickness 12.5 mm

Description made of aluminium like plate pile up in many layer

Applicatio use release air in conner or narrow line

Meintanance after use clean by acetone or thinner


Acrylic roller

Size Diameter 35 mm x Length 100 mm ( 4 inch)

Description made of acrylic wool in white colur and fluff

Application use dip resin and laminate in fiber glass

Meintanance after use clean by acetone or thinner


Bristle Bursh 100%

Size width 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 inch thickness 12 mm and width 2 inch thickness 8 mm

Desceription bruch woll white color soft with wood handle

Application dip resin and paste on fiber glass in small area and cornner of work place

Maintanance after use clean by acetone or thinner keep until dry

Electronic Scissors "EC Cutter"

Electronic Scissors "EC Cutter" the NEW Battery with Lithium-Ion Powered Generation

Robuso Solingen Germany Desinged for effortless single-layer cuts

EC Cutter NEW keeps up witth high demands and feature
- a perfectly ergo-styled design for effortless, non-fatiguing handling
- carbide-edged blades for exellent cutting performance
- mains-and battery-powered operation for unrestricted choice of working enviroment
- clear veiw of the cutting zone for exact results
- extreme light-weight body - 220 g only
- recommended for use with materials of up to 200 g/m2

Scissors and Shear glass

Scissors and Sheard for glass fiber carbon fiber and aramid fiber

Robuso Solingen Germany Made of forged and hardened C60 Carbon steel, Blades precision blue-groud

Description ROBUSO Shears for use with light-weght, thin glass fiber Aramide and Dyneema fabrics

This model is a special ROBOSO-development featyring pointed blades, an extre-large "oblong" eye and a fulcrum point located closer to the blades for positive leverage. Ususually high cutting efficiecy right down into the tips.

Size Code 1026/C 8"Total Length 21 cm Length of cut 8 cm weight 166 g Handle in bule color for lady hand
Code 1026/C 9.5""Total Length 25 cm Length of cut 9.5 cm weight 230 g Handle in bule color for man hand
Code 1026/S 9.5"Total Length 25 cm Length of cut 9.5 cm weight 230 g Handle in black color for man hand and long life sharpness

Download catalog

Application Cut glass fiber, carbon fiber and Aramid fibre

Maintenance Keep the inner blade surfaces free from dust and residuals and apply an occasional droplet of sewing machine oil to the joint faces, which restores the cutting effiency and adds considerably to the service life.

Gel coat spray gun

Gel coat spray gun

Size made of stanless steel, size of tip of sprayer diameter 2.5 mm container 2.5 lites

Application use spray gel coat on mould

Maintenance After use clean by acetone or thinner

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Description sandwich honeycomb with both side bt wood aluminium fiber glass with vacuum moulding the smooth surface of both side

Size standard 1150 x 2300 mm and make to order size

Applocation wall table flooring celling in ambulance track boat etc


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Calcium carbonate
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ภาพของ Brush
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Scissors and Shear glass
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catalyst dispenser bottle
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Electronic Scissors
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Filler - Fume silica
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Filler - Microballoon
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ภาพของ Mono Styrene
Mono Styrene
ภาพของ PVA

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